Region Editing

Hello there I would like to know who should I contact regarding a region to be updated in scenery, I do know it’s from satellite, but the region is not how it is in RL, the region is the LAX

Infinite Flight outsources the scenery from a third-party provider (because IF doesn’t own their own satellite). As such, there isn’t really anyone to contact about updating the scenery since the third-party is the one providing it. I don’t know what year(s) the scenery imagery is from but ‘updating’ the scenery per relatively small areas like LAX is not possible I don’t think. It’s up to the provider and/or the Infinite Flight team to update the scenery with up-to-date imagery and I don’t know if this is something that will be happening in the near future.


Thanks @Maxim that was my only question. All questions answered. Have a nice rest of your day @Maxim

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