Regarding the TFR at KOSH

While controlling KOSH today, I had a lot of fighter jets and Citation’s flying in and out. And, I noticed on the TFR when someone told me that I shouldn’t be allowing them (oops, my bad). But, in real life Oshkosh allows literally anything that’s not a civilian aircraft, but if it’s a display of course. Why are we only allowed to accept GA aircraft when during the Oshkosh Airshow, they allow all types of aircraft? Military aircraft do displays and patterns there. But, I don’t think civilian aircraft should be allowed on IF because it can get crowded since a lot of people like to fly civilian.



Just got told that my AC is too large but when I look at pictures on Google, I see a C-5, B-52, 747’s, 787’s etc… Bit strange this :/


My best guess would be that the vast majority of aircraft that attend Oshkosh IRL are small GA aircraft and they want to stay true to this. If the TFR wasn’t present, a lot of people would likely fly the bigger/faster aircraft in (myself included). Today I got halfway to Oshkosh in the KC-10 before I saw the TFR and had to divert lol, that’s why you should always check NOTAMS before a flight.

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I was wondering if i was to do a fly past at KOSH, what would i say to ATC, just flying VFR?

I agree, because everyone would take an A380 and take all the spots lol

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exactly Osh Kosh has everything.

I think for today they wanted just GA but the rest of the week is open to everything

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The TFR is surface to 5000, so if you stay above that, you shoild be able to flyover.

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I have seen five or four of these Fighterjets and a C-130 I am very disappointed because they were not realistic flying I hope yall understand that

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