Regarding the new aircraft tags...

I believe it was this update that introduced new aircraft tags(I haven’t been on Live in a while, maybe it happened prior to this), in this type:


[IFC-Joseph Krol]
A321 220kts 15NM 5000ft

My main worry about this is how often the top section (name) switches between display name and callsign.

When controlling ground, I occasionally need to change views from the radar screen to an overhead view to ensure no collisions or near misses occur. The slow transition between name and callsign means it takes more time to pinpoint a user, and in my opinion these seconds add up. I would prefer the old transition that happens immediately, and not a fade.

Do fellow controllers share my concern, or is it just me?


You can just pinpoint them using the camera based on where they are on the map right?

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I couldn’t agree more, I’ve actually had this problem is the 19.2 update. Personally, I’d prefer if the callsign appeared much longer compared to the display name, since as a controller I don’t really care about that. I know this isn’t a huge deal, but it was just easier to find planes on the ground quickly without using the map.


This is also a major concern of mine. The callsign should display at least twice as long.


To be honest I don’t use the controller view to identify aircraft, or very seldom do. The ATC map does that with one touch. You have to learn to use that feature in busy areas such as LAX ground.

I may use to controller view to look for any potential conflicts on ground, but identifying aircraft from there switching tags from controller view is a very slow way of doing things.

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This is great for when they’re in the air. But at a place like O’Hare or Hartsfield, in order to effectively control ground, you need to have actual eyes on the aircraft to know if they can pushback, taxi, etc.

The map is simply not enough to tell you if the plane taxiing behind is on the taxiway they’ll push back on or if it’s one to the left, or if those two planes requesting simultaneously are separated by enough lateral space to pushback at the same time.

You can certainly issue commands, but you cannot effectively control if it actually bothers you if planes are running into each other without actually using your eyes.


I was controlling SBBR today, and I found it took much longer waiting for the display name to cycle to the callsign. What now takes two seconds takes up to 4-5, and that is a lot of time if you’re controlling a busy airport.


Oh yes thats very true. And you are IFATC so you have much more experience in this then I do. Eyes on the ramp is what you need to do to see potential conflicts as you’ve mentioned. But, in my experience, eyes on the ramp to identify a call sign is a bit slow of a way. That may be due to the slow switching on call sign/username as the OP has suggested. Also it can be a issue when there are too many aircraft in a area to where the actual labels interfere and disable one or the other.

So my suggestion was mainly to yes, use the tower view to find actual aircraft, but to also use the map to tap once to see the label of a aircraft. It may be a situational awareness issue, where you are controlling a airport that you are not familiar with, and cant necessarily put where that aircraft is on tower view, onto to the map.

I’m certain that whenever a aircraft sends a transmission, that aircraft on the map blinks yellow to let you know what aircraft sent it. There you can see if its a pushback, etc. That’s how I use the map and is a recommendation to the OP.

I think someone on expert server controlling has the luxury to take time to use the tower view to find all aircraft who send transmissions on the ground. Because you have the commands and the ability to ghost someone who is excessively spamming the frequency with pushback notifications. Verses someone on training who may get kicked out for not responding to a request in 60 seconds because they are busy using tower view to identify every single aircraft who transmits a message. Not saying that is what the OP does. And also dealing with impatient pilots who expect a response the moment they send a message.


Placement is good and maybe duration of callsigns could be increased.


The placement and format is fine, I just have a problem with the duration of the transition between display name and callsign. There’s also the fact that the callsign is up for a short time.

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I haven’t controlled ATC that much, but I can say from my few ops that this is definitely a needed feature.

You should make a feature request!

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You know what, I think I will!

Nice, you’d have my vote 👍🏻

If this is enough of an issue for you, my feature request is here!

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