Regarding the IFC Awards for 2021

I just looked and the results are shown for the awards. Are they supposed to be that way?
Mods, please do what is appropriate regarding this topic.

The topic is unlisted. Deleting or changing it to a private message could mess up the votes. I’d just avoid the topic until a post is made tomorrow with the winners

Ok. In the future though, shouldn’t the voting be on like a google form like last year?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: still no, just with the word still in front of it.


Let me guess, Is it because it just takes to much time to sort through everything?

It makes sure each IFC user can only vote once.

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And now the topic has been moved to a private category that only 100 of us can see, so this topic can now be closed.

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Thanks for the recommendation 😉