Regarding the freedom when in a VA

Hello guys,
I am still not in any VA or VO but I am planning to apply to one. I have a question: If I am in a VA, am I allowed to fly other Aircrafts that are not in the Fleet of the VA and liveries that are not the liveries from the VA? Am I stuck to the VA or not?

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you are allowed :) but those flight(also flight hours) will not go towards the va you are in


No, not at all! You can always fly anything whenever, wherever!

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Will the Flight Hours when flying for the VA be saved? Or what?

Another Question: In some profiles I saw more than one VA is that allowed?

yes you may sign up to as much VAs as you would like, as long as you reach the requirements

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If you do not fly “for your VA” (don’t use VA callsign, plane, and livery) then the flight hours for that flight will not count towards moving up in the ranks of that VA. There’s nothing stopping you from flying a different plane or livery, you just aren’t able to obtain flight hours for your VA. If you do fly “for your VA” (use VA callsign, plane, and livery) then your flight hours will be saved. Each VA has different methods of “saving” hours but they will all save it in one way or another. Hope that helps! If that was confusing, PM me and I will try to explain in more detail.

Another note: If you want to become part of a community but don’t want to be limited to certain planes and liveries, I suggest joining a Virtual Organization (VO)!

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Thank you @yoshi_flyer, do you have any suggestions? Good VA or VA?

Yes, but I’ll PM you so that I’m not advertising.

Let’s not ask for suggestions as that will result in adverting. Instead, please take a look at the IFVARB VA/VO Database by using the following link. Thanks :)

Or use @yoshi_flyer’s advice and PM him :)

Oh sorry, didn‘t want that anybody advertises. I‘ll have a look. Thanks @Z-Tube

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