Regarding the atc test

Like I’ve said before I’m studying for the ATC written test, and I’d like to know if I have to study ground & tower only or all of it. I’m asking because as I’ve understood you’re only allowed access to ground & tower when you’re a begginer, and I’d like to focus my efforts on the ones I’ll need

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That is correct. The initial IFATC exams are only for ground and tower frequencies; radar cannot be controlled until certain requirements are met after you join IFATC and training/tests are completed.


Thank you so much. You’ve saved me a lot of time ❤️

Why did I fail the security check when I applied for IFATC?

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Not very on topic, but not gonna overlook you question. I’d go ahead and ask your recruiter (given you have one) on why this is the case. We, the general IFC, won’t be able to help you with that.

Yup. I’ve been responded by an ATC supervisor :)

I was responding to Baron, sorry for the confusion!

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