Regarding Replays

Hello Infinite Flight Community :)

This is just a short question about the brand new Infinite Flight live replay system (which I love btw):

So basically, what I wanna know is if it’s possible to view replays on my iPhone while a flight is active on my iPad. Any answers are appreciated :)

~ TC

If the replay was shared and you have IF on you’re phone it should be possible. In theory. But I can’t confirm from experience.

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Yes you can! I think so… :)

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Well I might just try it out anyways. If my throttle cuts, guess I’ll get to make an emergency landing on expert 😦

Edit- might wait til I’ve crossed the channel. A319s don’t make the best boats I’ve heard


No, you cannot view a replay on one device and fly on another unless the other device is on a different account.


Thanks man you’ve just saved my plane

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To add on to what @trio said, replays are stored on your device. For example a flight replay you do on your ipad will not show on your iphone even if you log in as the same user. Replays are removed when the app is uninstalled/reinstalled.


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