Regarding replay's from other people

So, let’s say that I ask my friend to somehow send me his replay file. Would I be able to like move, take pictures and everything just like I do for my own replay’s?

I’m asking this because I’m trying to get some nice shots but I don’t have live, but my friend does.

Thanks for any help/answers!


This applies here as well as far as I know. You need a Pro Subscription to view replay files from flights outside the free regions. The relevant account is the one you are using.

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I think you are able to, I’m not 100% sure but just in case I would check, also remember to give credit.

But I’m not talking about my replay’s, I’m talking about my friend’s replay.

Does that apply as well?

You can definitely take shots in any angles you want on any replay, either be it from someone else or your very own :) …I have used replays from other community members to see if it works and it did so go ham on those pictures haha

The video file would open up in your system like your own :)

Yes, I just tried it using a second Infinite Flight Account of mine that I once used. My main account has a subscription, my second account hasn’t. I can’t open the Pro Replay Files of my main account using my second account. However, I’m still able to open my “Free” Replays.

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That’s what I wanted. Thanks!

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