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Guys i had made a flight From. VABB to WSSS , i have this replay saved on my iphone, but i am unable to view it as i don’t hold pro subscription currently pls can anyone help me in viewing it? it is in form of document currently and i m not able to convert it in jpg plss helpppp

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I don’t believe replays are available to watch unless the aircraft and region of the entire flight are in the non-pro areas.


Unfortunately given you don’t have a pro sub, you cannot view replays that involve scenery outside of the non-pro regions.

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I’m pretty sure that replays aren’t a video, so you will need pro subscription in order to load in the pro scenery. Could be wrong tho, that’s what I have heard.

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Then what to do if i want to view it. I do not want to buy subscription currently. like what steps should i take

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Like said, you are unable to view them unless you have a subscription.

Replays flown in pro subscription areas aren’t available to view, if you no longer have a subscription.

What you could try - and this is a very long shot - is find a friend who has a pro subscription, transfer the replay to them and ask them if they could screen-record the replay for you in whatever particular camera view that you want. That’s the best you can get, without a subscription.

Replays are in a .replay file format and are not videos by themselves. So they won’t be viewable except in the Infinite Flight app itself.

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