Regarding pattern work

if i working in tower control it’s allowed me to not accpet pattern work??

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Pattern work is controller’s discretion so yes it is totally upto you to allow it or not.

but some people not listen to me
what should to me to do?

Which server is this on?

training server

Then unfortunately there’s nothing you can do.
Are you interested in joining IFATC


I have already sent reqoust for training

That’s great news.
I’m sure someone will be in touch real soon.
Have you contacted a recruiter with all the relevant information

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i’m really want to work in expert server
I hope this as soon as possible

Tower can:

  • Deny entry, unless it’s an emergency. In which case they should advise you that they’re aware of emergency and whether to divert to a nearer airport or to continue inbound.
  • Cancel Takeoff Clearances.
  • Deny pattern work at any time, whether due to heavy traffic, weather conditions, or other reasons.

You’re out of luck here. The only consiquence a pilot can have on training server is if he, for example, changes his name to something like “i hate ATC” (happened to me, got him off the server for some time thanks to mods) or spams the frequency a lot. It is sad that phrases like “please follow ATC instructions” were removed (at least from non-IFATC virgins)

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