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hi friends I am going to buy this game again, as I been member in past, I need to what are all the new airports added from past 1 year, and mainly in Asia


Global came out a few months ago, so you can fly to any airport in the world :)

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Airports are being added to the servers on a monthly basis and the airport editing is hard at work as always. @Kilt_McHaggis has a compilation of edited airports that can be reached via his google links. He will respond in the morning once he sees the inquiry to give a better answer as to what has been edited and added to the database.

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You can also check out for an overview of all edited airports. :)


Thanks @Adrien

I couldn’t track down the link ;)

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Welcome back. Adrien provided an overview link. You will find on my site a few different cuts of the data.

Thw World map lets you drill down into individual countries and see what has been completed and what still needs done:

I have a map set aside for Project 10k (All airports with a runway 10,000ft or longer)

I also have a map being used to track all commercial airports with links to routes in Flightradar24.

Also a top 100 commercial airports by passenger usage in 2017



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