Regarding increased crash rate on iOS


As many of you’ve probably noticed, we’re currently experiencing an increased crash rate on iOS devices. And for those of you who have experience this; We’re truly sorry about that!

For the time being, we don’t have any root cause as to why this is happening despite lots of time spent on investigation & troubleshooting.

So, we would like to ask for help from those who are willing.
What we would like to do, is to send a diagnostic version of Infinite Flight to you.
For this you would need to have the app TestFlight installed. This is an app from Apple, used for sending pre-release versions of an app to users.

And for us to be able to send the version specifically to you, we also need to know the Apple-ID you’re using on the device intended for testing.

For privacy reasons, we don’t want you to share that publicly. So please send that to me (@schyllberg) with the subject “Apple-ID for hotfix test” and I’ll add you to the list.

Once you’ve downloaded the diagnostics build, we want you to continue to use the app normally.
The only difference will be when and if you experience a crash. Then we would like you to re-open the app, go to Settings and tap “Send previous log” with a short description of what happened.


  • If you’re not having any issues, please don’t sign up for this as it would only consume unnecessary time & resources by us in an attempt to troubleshoot and correct this issue.

  • It’s no different than the version you’re already using, except that it contains additional diagnostics information that could help us find the reason for this occurrence.



From this moment forward, we will not be accepting additional users.
The ones we have should be sufficient in terms of diagnostics collection.

Just a friendly reminder to those of you who have signed up and received an invitation:

Don’t forget to send logs if you experience any issues.