Regarding FSX (Bit off topic)

So clearly I love the Ipad version of this but if I was looking to get into a Desktop version of a flight sim, what would you guys say is the going rate. Starting at the bottom with buying a desktop/software/yoke/etc. If you had to give an estimate.

hello, Connor!

a month or so ago, Matt ( head dev) posted a vote for a desktop sim, which is what most users want.
he also stated in the future we may have a desktop sim and a PC one.



The big limiter with desktop sims is your computer. Make sure your computer can run the sim before you buy it. Information on computers and sims is a little too much to discuss here, but there are many articles on line that you can have a look at.

Generally, here is the order of desktop sims from least computer intensive to most computer intensive:

  1. FSX
  2. X-Plane
  3. Prepar3D

Most okay computers should be able to handle FSX on low settings. Can you post your specs when you have a chance?

If you want FSX, it is about $25 on Steam, although they frequently have sales where you could get it for as low as $5.

X-Plane is a little more expensive, about $60 if I remember correctly, and P3D is $60 as well.

You would probably need a yoke/joystick and you can find them for about $20-30 on Amazon.

Let me know if yo have any other questions.

Hey there, I see this thread is a little old, but I thought I’d add to it for anyone with the same question, particularly those not logged in who still want an answer (I am a frequent not-logged in forum stalker!).
I would strongly recommend checking out G2A’s Site You can get FSX Discounted at around £10 including Paypal fees/VAT etc. It’s a decent discount as well. As far as controllers, just a note of warning- do NOT attempt to use an XBOX controller (Well, at least don’t buy one specially for this). I find the control they allow to be minimal and they give the feeling of an arcade game rather than simulation (IMO).
Please note I cannot be responsible for any issues caused by this advice.