Regarding frequency change after departure says to do so

Hey guys I just wanted to know what to do after departure frequency says frequency change and doesn’t mention any particular frequency to change to? Do I just change my frequency to none?
Pls help me to get the answer to this question

If there is no Center frequency active in your area, then yes, you should just change your frequency to none.

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This is just a general statement to everyone - if you are told “frequency change approved” - please tune out. It can be rather irritating for us IFATC, particularly when its busy - because if a plane doesn’t tune out it can lead to confusion.


@BennyBoy_Alpha You mean if there is no center frequency available then after that we should change our frequency to none?

If you are simply told “frequency change approved” then the controller isn’t handing you off to another frequency. You simply tune out to no frequency and continue with your flight.

If we are handing you off Center (or any other frequency), we would tell you “Contact ‘X’ Ground/Tower/Departure/Approach/Center on 123.45” (frequency numbers are just a fictional example).


Thanks @BennyBoy_Alpha

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