Regarding beacon light.

Hey, i think i have noticed that plane has beacon light on while on the gate…when all are beacon light turned on ? Other than engine start…

I believe it’s when you have engines on. That’s all I know, but google should be able provide more specific answers. :)


i did google but dint get anything other than engine start…

Beacon lights should normally be used for Engine Start like you guys stayed and when the aircraft is moving

So for an example what I like to do is put on my beacon lights and then request pushback as it shows I’m about to move to other aircraft so they know what’s happening…if you see planes at gates with them on for a while they either forgot to turn them off or dont know what to do with them

(Wrong account above sorry)


Wrong account it seems 😉

Beacons are when fuel is flowing (engines on), there aren’t any other reasons for beacons.

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oh ok…thank you guys…

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You might want to see Captain Joe’s explanation of Lights on airplanes.

If you want to skip the video and get the explanation, I’ve typed it out.

The Anti-Collision Beacon light is "a bright red flashing light and many airlines have different ways of handling the usage of the beacon light but its main purpose is to draw attention to anyone within the area of the plane that this plane is being pushed back or operating under its own power. The beacon light is in the before start checklist because it should be turned on just before engine start prior to engine start notifying the ground crew that receive push back clearance and is about to start the engines any second now. It remains switched on until the aircraft turns off the engines and it is safe to approach the aircraft for ground handling ".
~Explanation by Captian Joe

Hence it is not surprising that the beacon light is on while on the gate. That pilot likely received pushback clearance.

Hope it helps


Beacon light means “engines on! Stay far away!”


Beacon means “back up bro I’m starting”

Realistically it’s a warning sign to everyone that we’re getting ready to start. Some things don’t have beacons but have strobes only so if they’re on at the ramp it means the same thign


Far away isn’t the right term. More like “exercise caution and maintain safe distance”.


Totally wrong, I don’t know where you got that from. As a spotter I can tell you that private jets maneuvering on tarmac (with trucks) have beacons on. Even engine less airbuses are seen with their beacon lights active on pictures.

Beacon or anti collision light are used to announce a movement of the plane, engine on or not.


Yeah they should be turned on before you start pushback.

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Beacons are sometimes also tuned on when the aircraft is being towed (from hangar to gate or vice versa).

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Beacon lights-indicate when the plane is about to move under its own power…

Example- I currently work the ramp for a US airline and as soon as the jet bridge and chicks are removed, as well as the door is closed, the pilot turns the beacon on. It’s a visual cue to stay away from the engines as they are about to be on

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Sorry but no, if it is being towed, it will have the beacon on. You should know that as you work on tarmac.

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Read the rest of my reply

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When moving (being towed) from an hangar to another, aircraft will still have beacon on.


Sorry about that, I think I got it from the Virgin Virtual manual, but I might be getting things mixed up.

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I work at EGNT on the ramp and the beacon is always switched on just before pushback begins

As in EGNT the roadways all run behind the stands so we need to get the traffic stopped before we even think about pushing the aircraft back

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