Regarding airport restrictions

‪I was told “Aircraft too large” when I went to delta class airport by A320. But it was written that A321 or less is possible when I saw it in the community.
Mistake was me? or controller?

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Which airport were you flying into? :)

airplanes smaller than a321 and 757 restriction was put on select airports like KNUC and KASE.

you need to see the airport information in order to know whether that airport is legitimate for you to land

B739/A321 is the max for a delta , but it will depend on runway length as well.

@Partha_Gudi there is no restriction on KNUC I think you mean KEGE, but those are class Charlie’s.


Controller has no say in that. The aircraft restriction is in the system. If you’re ever unsure if it will be a violation to land your aircraft at an airport, select it in the map and it will be the last entry on the info tab.

The image in this post below shows it.

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It’s not only class that determines what can fly into an airport. A Delta with a 3500x75 runway is not the same as a Delta with a 6500x150 and ample taxiway/ramp space. A Charlie may have a TFR/NOTAM. Without knowing the actual airport, we have no idea what runway dimensions, etc, are.


Exactly why I always review the numbers for whatever aircraft I’m flying to make sure the runway declared distances are longer than what my aircraft needs for takeoff and landing. As well as checking for airport restrictions. All part of the pre-flight.

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I see. Thank you for answering :)

I knew the entry for the first time. Thank you for telling me!

I understood. Thank you :)

Before taxing at EGLC

Alright, thanks. You were flying on the expert server, right?

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Yes. So I was afraid of becoming a ghost so I soon dropped out.

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oh i see. i thought i read it in a post by a mod. i must have forgotten . thanks for correction

Aquilla, a lot of times it’s not a matter of runway length but taxiways. In some airports a parked large aircraft will block taxiways. One airport that comes to mind is TKPK in the Caribbean where the runway length would allow a 787 to land but if I am the controller there I say aircraft too large simply because of taxiways and parking spots.

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True, forgot to mention that. For example, I know A380s can cause a mess really quick at KJFK if they end up on a restricted taxiway, haha.

I always check parking spots for wingspan limits before spawning in. Slipped my mind to mention anything about them and taxiways. Thanks! :)


The biggest aircraft that fly’s into EGLC is an E-190. Quiete a bit smaller then a A320.


No, the A318, going to New York.


Thank everyone for answering.
You’ve been so helpful 🙂

I believe the A318 can’t take off fully loaded from LCY. That’s why It has to stop at SNN in order to continue the journey to JFK

While E-190 is the biggest aircraft that LCY can handle with full load cmiiw

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