Regarding 3D Airports and Services

Hey There Guys!

So, we are almost there…
Just a little bit longer until we get those 3D Airports. It would be interesting to see what kind of services will be available. For example apron stairs and Animated jet bridges that connect to the planes, utility vehicles, including refuelers, dollies, chocks, belt loader, follow me car, buses and more. How would pushbacks work? would they be as they are now, manually, or do you get an option to call in an pushback truck that moves you automatically in position (choose pushback straight, left right) after you got cleared from atc.

Will there be proper airport lightning, taxi signs for guidance?

so many questions and so much excitement!

what do you think will be included? or will be coming in the future? Share your thoughts it here


Sad thing is, nobody knows what exactly is going to come out


All these things can be or not be on the update, nothing is confirmed, we will have to wait and see :)

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I believe all of these questions are answered in the blog. Expect static objects for the first edition of this update. Just don’t be surprised if things change, we know they’ve surprised us before


All that we know is shared in the related blog post.


As it was mentioned in the blog, in our first release of 3D buildings, everything will be static.
We haven’t improved lighting for this release unfortunately, this will come at a later time (we know it is frustrating, we want pretty lights too)
We first want to ensure we can render a vast number of objects on most currently supported devices (it will have a performance impact though)
Note that properly handling animations is not that trivial with our multiplayer: we will need to synchronize a large amount of state with many clients (we do this for aircrafts but it will probably need to be reworked)


For those of us who don’t swim in piles of cash, will there be an option to turn 3D buildings off?


so if i understand properly, the ground will need to be reworked in order to make it kinetic. Also you’ll have to code the crew so it only goes a specific aircraft at it gate?


We will most likely add quality settings for airports to reduce the number of objects.


the ground will need to be reworked in order to make it kinetic

I do not understand this sentence :)

Also you’ll have to code the crew so it only goes a specific aircraft at it gate?

We haven’t decided how we will handle “crew” at this point. Making this work in a multiplayer environment is not easy… baby steps :)


i was asking about what will be reworked to be able to handle the clients!

Ah ok I see, its too early in the development!!

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everything will be confirmed soon enough. What might come and might not come is anyone’s guess. Im excited regardless


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