Rega Virtual | Infinite Flight's first Air Ambulance | Rework in progress

CC1341D4-4582-4837-B444-BE238FFFF6C2 We Are IFVARB Approved

What do we do?

Rega Virtual is on stand-by 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ready to respond to emergency calls – both in Switzerland and abroad. Are you seriously injured or ill? With Rega Virtual, you can count on swift, uncomplicated emergency assistance by air!

The Team

CEO: @chris_wing
Human Resources: Open
Chief Pilot: @ratul_sen
Slack Moderators: Open
Graphics designer: @Nick_Wing

The Fleet

Cessna Citation X

(To be replaced soon by the CRJ-200)

Bombardier CRJ-200

Coming soon


We fly anywhere where help is needed. We do not have routes.

Our Missions will be based around the Weekly ATC on the Expert Server to give our Pilots a chance of using ATC and visiting new places in the world.


Zürich (LSZH)

Other Bases

Basel (LFSB)
Bern (LSZB)
Geneve (LSGG)
Sion (LSGS)

The Ranks


0-10 missions (Short-haul flights)


10-30 mission (Short-haul to Medium-haul flights)


More than 30 missions (Medium-haul to Long-haul flights)







Still don’t understand what we do watch this Video from the official Rega


I really like this concept!

Will there be events that have to do with mass evac?

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Thank you!

Most likely yes when there is a real-world disaster. We want to be as realistic as possible.


Not sure if you posted this link, but I think it’s really cool. You get to see the inside of the plane. I went in one of them at an airshow once it’s really nice


yes it is really cool but Rega Will be replacing the Challenger CL-604 with the Challenger 650.

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Seems very professional, hope to see more from this VA soon, good luck!

— Thomas J.

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Thank you, I tried to keep it Professional and unique, something different for the community.

Now could you possibly expand on this and have “Rega Patients”?!? Where IFC members can “call” Rega with a situation and then your dispatchers work out how the situation goes from there (Air Ambulance, nearest suitable hospital)

Of course a limit would have to be put on (1 Medical emergency every 2 weeks or something) but I would so be a patient as it adds to the Roleplay of IF!


I really like that Idea we will see because we are only excepting a few pilots and plan to expand when there is a demand but I will note this down to implement in the future.

What system did you use for your little promotional video? I like it!

I believe that is the official promo video by Rega, not Rega Virtual.

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@Delta_Alpha_Lima as @Transport_Hub said the video is the official promo video by Rega, but it was easy to understand what this VA is about i thought it should be included.

You should request that the Rega livery be added on a CRJ-200.

I love this idea, really creative and unique. Just the kind of stuff new VAs should look to be going for. 👏


Vote here for it. It has the same airframe as the crj-100

Big thumbs up from meeeee!


ill vote for it. this looks cool

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Very nices concept. I still have a poster of the REGA fleet that I got when I was 9 years old.


That sounds cool as Rega also have Helicopters…let’s hope one day we will have them in Infinite Flight but they aren’t needed at this time.


Looks great! A very original idea unlike the bog standard airline copied from the real world like British Airways or something!

May consider joining in the future once stuff (life) clears up!

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