Rega Air Rescue Service Bombardier Challenger 650

Rega Challenger 650

picture belongs to Rega


Rega is a private, non-profit air rescue service that provides emergency medical assistance in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. This is their new plane that will be delivered this year (2018). They have ordered 3 of them to replace their current aircraft which is the Bombardier CL-604 Challenger.

Why am I requesting this?

  1. I live in Switzerland and would like to see a different Swiss plane than SWISS in the game
  2. This has the same Airframe as the CRJ-100 and maybe the might be a chance to add it with the CRJ update.
  3. It is also a GA aircraft and I have seen recently lots of people would like a GA Aircraft.

Facts about the plane

Wing span: 19,61 m
length: 20,86 m
height: 6,30 m
Max. Take-off weight: 21’863 kg / 48199,664
Range: 6’956 km / 3’756 NM
Cruise speed: 915 km / h / 569 mph
Patient capacity: 4 (lying position)
Link about Facts (In German)

I’m not quite sure… Are you saying that Rega is a non profit air rescue service, that buys aircraft called Rega…

Doesn’t really make sense to me, making your own aircraft to order 3 of them.

Yeah but who’s the aircraft made by… Right now your post is making the implication that it’s made by ‘Rega’

Oh i see what you mean 😂 let me change it

It’s the livery. I actually like the idea. I went in one of the Rega planes. (At an airshow) it’s really nice.


I think this would be such a cool livery to have in IF! It could be used for literally everything!


Hello everyone

Rega received one of the three new aircraft yesterday, that’s why I have updated the picture in the main post.

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I just quote myself here.

Rega is doing an astonishing job. And that livery is just beautiful.

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Thank you. I know they are doing an amazing Job. This is what it said on the Rega Website:

Rega looked back over the past year: with 15,958 missions, Rega was in greater demand than ever before, both at home and abroad. This figure is equivalent to one mission every 33 minutes.

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love this aircraft, must have for rega-missions around the world

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Thank you. I think it’s something unique.

Super cool livery and aircraft. Sadly I’m out of votes.

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Hey no problem but thanks for the support

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I made the first vote for this request! Let’s vote guys !!!

Just voted love this livery