So before global I bought multiple regions for the game, but now everywhere is free! I was wondering if there is a way around getting money back because I feel like I have been cheated a bit.


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It’s now a part of your subscription, just as all the regions were in the previous Live+ subscription we used to have. Once your subscription expires and you decide not to renew, you will still have access to those regions as you’ve bought them.

There are no options for refund due to this I’m afraid.


Its like saying i bought my favourite books on amazon kindles but after i bought subscription they let me read all the books including the one i already purchased! Amazon started same without subscription first so does it make everyone feel cheated after subscription model started?

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It’s not really any different, for example, buying a game on Xbox and then subscribing to the Games Pass and getting it with the pass. You went and bought the region’s, and you signed a contract with your app store upon purchase.

As Seb said, you haven’t lost the region’s or aircraft, as you have access to them when your subscription runs out, like you would with the game 🤷

How’s that fair? Make people pay for something then make it free?

The point is it’s free for people who have never bought anything on the game, This has nothing to do with global

No. It’s not free for people who have not bought the subscription.


I’m not talking about subscriptions patch that. I’m talking about how you used to have to buy the regions and now the regions are free for everyone. I’m not talking about global, I’m talking about Heathrow,LA,san fran, heathrow,Oshkosh,Denver,Chicago they regions, not the whole world regions. Are we on the same page?

The previously paid regions are not free for everyone. The only remaining regions are the ones that were previously free. If you have purchased regions in the past, you still have access to them. But it is no longer possible to purchase them, and they are not free for those who have not purchased them before.

Some of the regions you do mention are the free ones though, and not something you have paid separately for.

Free regions:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Chicago, IL
  • Oshkosh
  • San Francisco
  • Southern California
  • Sydney, Australia

@schyllberg You forgot the Denver region and the previously free Singapore region.

Singapore doesn’t exist as a region any longer and Denver isn’t a free region.
I wasn’t listing all the regions, i listed the Current free ones.

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