Here if you want to request refund, I always go through this website in case I need a refund. But please read the ToS first as Google may declined to give you a refund on certain reasons. (If you use Android)

But incase you aren’t satisfied with the perfomance, Google will give a refund to you.

In other case such as from IF Website, You should contact (Maybe by PM-ing) one of the devs in order to get a refund. I’m sure they will help you at least

On a side note, I think if you are flying in Southern California on Training Server 1 especially, There is a huge chance of crash due to the lags caused by the huge amount of players. Especially if your phone don’t have an enough RAM to handle it. My suggestion is try to remove some unnecessary apps/photos in order to make your app didn’t crash or you can try to refrain from flying in Southern California or packed TS1 Regions 😊