How can i get a refund?
My phone crashes the game almost every flight


And welcome to the community. If you are sure you want a refund you will have to go to the Apple Store and request a refund there. Sorry this is not a guaranteed refund but maybe you should invest in a more modern device …

Here is a good link explaining what to do;


I believe you have to go through Apple or Google Play to get a refund. Have you tried restarting your device and lowering the settings in the app?

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You can get a refund on the Appstore, but I’m not sure about others. I’ve never seen it before.

I purchased my subscription in the WebSite by Credit Card and not from an mobile store.

You want a refund for your subscription? If so you will have to contact FDS directly or talk to @david

Did you use Facebook or Google?

I use google to login

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infinite flight is not great with phone/ipod even with the iphone 6 its not greatif you have a ipad it is way better even with my older ipad its better than phone also do not get the refund if you buy a new device you will have the game still for redowload if you have an IOS

Incorrect. Actually, the iPhone 6 is an idea device for IF, most of the community, as far as I know, use it.

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This sounds like a device issue not an Infinite Flight issue. Have you tried to clear up some memory to make your device function better?

I use iphone 7 256 gb and works amazing! Max graphics on everything and high frame rate and never had a problem!

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well it doesn’t work for me

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Wrong, i have a Galaxy Note 5 and wiped my phone clean and my game still crashes. I have played IF 2 days all week because of that and the 2nd time i played the game crashed

Here if you want to request refund, I always go through this website in case I need a refund. But please read the ToS first as Google may declined to give you a refund on certain reasons. (If you use Android)

But incase you aren’t satisfied with the perfomance, Google will give a refund to you.

In other case such as from IF Website, You should contact (Maybe by PM-ing) one of the devs in order to get a refund. I’m sure they will help you at least

On a side note, I think if you are flying in Southern California on Training Server 1 especially, There is a huge chance of crash due to the lags caused by the huge amount of players. Especially if your phone don’t have an enough RAM to handle it. My suggestion is try to remove some unnecessary apps/photos in order to make your app didn’t crash or you can try to refrain from flying in Southern California or packed TS1 Regions 😊

Doesen’t matter if is a IF issue or not, in the European Law i have 14 days from the purchase date to get a refund. Its a new phone and just have IF on it. Most part of the crashes occur on Landing.

Wow! That’s like Latest+Good Phone+Amazing Graphics+Out of the world memory…
What else do you need… 😉


Again have to call your bluff. I use the Note 5 for controlling, Flying, and moderating ATC with 1 GB of soace left and it runs smoothly. In fact it runs Infinite Flight better than my IPAD Pro. LAURA even test on the Note5 and im sure if there was a bug there’d have been a hot fix by now.

Just so you dont think I’m lying

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If you dont like Infinite Flight thats one thing but please dont insinuate that its a software issue when bone of the other people i know with Note 5s have issues! By the way ive never heard of refunds veing given for emotional reasons. Also perhaps some of the settings onnyour phone ate limiting your play.

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You comment was that his device was the issue. I never said all Note 5s have the issue. I just said that maybe it’s more than just his device as my own has similar issue. Reading comprehension is key