Hello i just saw a payment on this game that my son have purcese somting that cost 50kr in sweden and it is like 5 euro and im asking kindly if i can have a refound on the online thing! Thanks for a reply!

You will have to contact either Apple, or Google Play for a refund, depending on the device.


Thank you i gonna ask my son he says that he was conecting whit gmail but he was buying the game on iTunes/AppStore.


That should be fine, just a simple misunderstanding. All the best with your refund.


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Contact Apple via the refund page (by using iTunes - it can be very hard to find the right website). Then they will review your case and refund to the account used to buy the in-app purchase. Best of luck, I hope all goes well (it’s happened to me before and they gave me notice of a refund within days).


Thanks mate! I just gonna send my letter tho them!😊


Fantastic. I’d almost start pursuading you to keep what you purchased because it’s so great!! But anyway, take care.


I cant get the refund from AppStore IT says i don’t know why? I thing its the sub problem. 30days i think it is no refund on that? I samma talk to the admin or a mod!

30 days is standard. They would have a backlog of people with similar problems, believe me they are exeptionally common. What was purchased exactly?

*fantastic. I know we all really like it, but please tone the caps down ^^ ;)

Wilco sorry.

Go online type in apple support and ring them they will do it instantly, I use the chat thing occasionally when I got Apple Music by accident, don’t worry they do always refund your purchases

Click on the button that says ‘report a problem’ and tell them that ‘this was purchased accidentally and has not been used’. They should help and give you a refund, otherwise call or email them.

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