Refund Subscription

Hey how can i refund my Infinite Flight Pro Subscription? I just purchase pro subscription but with the wrong account. Please help me

The purchase was done with Apple or Google, not directly with IF.
Iā€™m not sure how final purchases are with them. I suggest you write them. Perhaps they can transfer it to another Apple/Google ID

Hey Dan!
We can transfer it for you instead to the correct account. Do you have the callsign and display name available for both accounts?

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I suddenly subscript using IF account, usually i use my FB account. Can devs help me out with this?

Yeah usually i play using FB account. My Display name is: IFMYS-Dan El Fizree

this is the account that i wrongly subscribe

this is the account that i should subscribe

Thank you!

Your subscription have now been transferred to the correct account. Just restart the app completely and you should be good to go :)


thank you so much devs team šŸ‘

Iā€™m just the Support guy that has to clean up the devs mess ;) Haha.