Refund on 1 Month of Live

Well as the title says I wish to have a refund for a month of live as it just doesn’t run too good with my device due to the large number of aircraft. I am on android. Thank you for your time

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Which I have done yet to no avail. It doesn’t help I have had to resort to using live connect for a joystick which means there is some noticable input lag in addition to the low fps

Lower the aircraft count, lower your graphics, close every background app.
Do you use Samsung?

Your device is just to bad then…


I am on min settings. It also isn’t like I have used the service. I have probably only been on it for say 30mins and I have had it only for a couple of days. Not exploiting them at all as their content is good. I have pretty much bought everything so £4 is nothing in terms of a refund

Good enough for ultra aircraft quality and med ground textures solo

Maybe you should have thought about your device is just to bad before buying it?

Solo is a whole other thing man

Well maybe a trial period would have helped but you know that doesn’t exist

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Is your device iOS?

I’m sorry to say but we can’t help you even if you have turned down all the graphic settings and aircraft count to low as well and yet you can’t get good FPS?

Sounds like you need to upgrade your device?

(Just a tip)

It’s only $5. Not that much. I don’t find a problem with it being $5. It’s the perfect amount for a sample of Live.

This is not on Infinite Flights end, im not sure how to request a refund on android, sorry.

Try to get in touch with @DIsraelFDS - as far as I understand he does customer support.


Don´t tag the devs, they don´t like it. And yes, DIsrael is in charge of customer support and has a lot of patience regarding customer enquieries. Ask me how I know.

David is not a developer, he’s customer support. His job is to answer queries like the above. It is perfectly fine to tag him, and at least somewhat more productive than posting memes and making fun of the poster like some of the above have done.


Were people posting memes and making fun of the poster, @lollip that never happened, I’m afraid you’ve gone mad;) But if that ever does, please flag it!
Anyways, you can tag him if you want, but he looks at all of the support topics so it doesn’t really matter anyway :)

This has probably been moderated before you came to look as I had flagged them indeed… Now if we need to take screenshots of posts before flagging like we do for advanced ATC for ghosting people that’s going to become a bit cumbersome ;)

Haha, I moderated it, just messing with you;)

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