Refund for previous purchases?


So the other day I was thinking about how I spent about ~$50AUD or more on Infinite Flight before Global on various aircraft etc, And since I now have Global Pro, how do I get the money back?



I think the aircraft you purchased will remain purchased and you can fly them when your subscription runs out and you can fly them in the regions.

But, if you really want a refund, a mod will run you through the process in a PM.

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I was thinking that.

So to confirm, you fully want a refund on your purchases?

Note: You won’t be able to fly the aircraft you purchased when your sub runs out.

Yup, sure do. I will be switching to X-Plane 11 in a few months so I want to get my money back. And I’ll have Pro until then.

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@SebMasterMC there are many people here that have purchased aircraft, regions and such. However, am I correct in saying you’re asking for a refund just because you’re not using the SIM anymore?
If so, why would you expect to get a full refund?
It’s like buying a car, using it for a year, deciding you want a new one and demanding your money back on the old one. The dealer will not give you a refund because there is nothing wrong with the car, you’re just deciding to switch.

It not my choice at the end of the day, but that’s how it looks to me.


No, that’s not what I’m asking for here. I was saying that as a response to his question. If what you’re saying was the case, I’d be asking for a refund for the money spent on my Pro sub. What I’m asking for is a refund for the things I’m in one way or another paying for twice. Since I paid for each aircraft before and now getting in my subscription. I’m just asking for a refund for that, not my sub. So no, what you’re saying is not what I’m wanting here.

This is not a possibility I’m afraid. As the purchases you’ve made still remain after your subscription ends.

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Really?! That’s quite ridiculous really. Cause I did pay for those aircraft. Ah well ok, thanks for your help anyways.