too bad you cant refuel after landing before continuing on to your final destination without ending the flight. Just my 2 cents

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I don’t exactly understand what you are saying…
You can refuel after you have landed, you just have to exit the runway and turn on your parking brakes.


As @Starley mentioned, you will have to have exited the runway and then be on the Taxiway to refuel. For more realism pull up at a gate. Remember you must be at a standstill or it won’t work.

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Yeah the second I posted the comment I knew I was probably missing something.
Ok so after landing my 737, how do I refuel it?

Exit the runway and put your brakes on and open up the menu and select weight and balance!


Yea and just put your fuel up.

Do what @con said.
On the bottom right hand corner there are three white stripes, that’s the menu.
Press on it and then on the left side of your screen you’ll see it says “Weight & Balance”, press on it.
Then you’ll be able to adjust your fuel. There are two white squares that you can slide to left and right.

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Yeah I just figured it out. Sorry.
I crack myself up. I only see the obvious answer after asking and feeling foolish.
Thanks again!!