I was flying the KC-10 and a friend the VC-25 I lowerd the boom but for him it was up. And later it was down but the refeuling didnt start? What could we do?

•we where at FL 300
•iPhone 7
•newest iOS/app version

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That was me if anyone was wondering i use an Iphone SE and was flying the vc25 but did not recive any fuels image


Distance and speed matters. Any more than 100 feet away vertial will not work. Just keep trying. It takes practice.

@AlanWeit the VC25 is refuelable. Your statement is incorrect as there are a number of planes in our fleet which can be refueled.


Oh, lol sorry, i might just delete he comment now :/

There, comment deleted ;)

I wil try and retry it Thanks I wil PM you if it didnt work!

Ok. You have to get close and steady. If you are moving back and forth like crazy it is not going to refuel.

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We where close and Stadey but the boom was down for me and up for him later it was down for both

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True my nose was touching the boom too

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We have done this before and it worked just fineimage

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We are looking into this more. Stay tuned.

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Im holding thank you!😀

Roger that Holding pattern 😂😂

Is there further information?

We were able to reproduce the issue and passed it along to the developers.


Roger that you can close this 😀 Thanks for the help

I’ll close and reopen once progress is made. Thanks!


This has been addressed and will be included with a future release.