Refueling Shot

Earlier today I joined @CK777 to do a Mid-Air refuel and I captured this amazing shot!

Minimod Repellent

Airport: Atlantic Ocean
Server: Expert
Aircraft: F22/DC-10

Thanks for viewing!


🦟 gonna go to (El Classico) area.🥑

Nice one! It’s great to see you got the raptor so close to the refueling boom

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What even is “El Cassico”???

It is the sacred @CK777 route from EGLL to EHAM

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EGLL-EHAM. @CK777’s favorite route as you may have noticed

Ohh okay now I understand it and he nicknamed it “El Cassico”??

Yeah he did.

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My fav route to fly is Toronto YYZ - New York JFK (even though I don’t have IF pro).

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