Refueling Requests Thread

Can o connect to u please

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Guys I need almost 80tons of fuel yet, please

We’ll failed to hook up sorry

Thank you @J_NAV and @Soydepr for refueling me yesterday. Sadly I just crashed over the Arctic. But thank you for your time. Really appreciate it.

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Display Name:AIR FORCE 194
Callsign: Air Force 194
Aircraft being used:
Destination: KJFK
Estimated refueling area: KNGU
Planned Departure Time:
Estimated Refueling Time 22:00Z
server. expert

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I’ll be there, kc10.

thank you. just departed TJSJ

thanks for the fuel , worked great

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Hey all,
I am requesting a tanker support for the following route(s)

Tomorrow Saturday 13th

RODN-PAEN departing 0300Z
Time en route: 7:45hrs

PAEN-KEDW Departing 1245Z
Time en route 4:15 hrs

I will be in an F-22, and will provide the route to be flown. Let me know if you are able to provide the support for either route.

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Display Name: Shawn Vargas
Callsign: RI401SJV
Aircraft being used: KC-10
Destination: KMCO
Estimated refueling area: KORF
Planned Departure Time: 21:00 zulu
Estimated Refueling Time 21:30 zulu
Estimated Fuel Needed: 70,000lbs
Date of flight: 01/23

If anyone is around right now I could use a tanker. PM me and we can work out the details.

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Display Name: Axel Beder

Callsign: F-WJRB

Aircraft being used: F-16C

Destination: EGLL

Estimated refueling area: BGBW - BIKF

Refueling Time: respectively 1910Z and 1950Z

Estimated Fuel Needed: 4 tons at BGBW, 3 tons at BIKF


Can I be part of this team and help refuel?

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Display Name: SVEN MORLEY
Callsign: Burma 5122
Aircraft being used: F-14
Destination: KIAH
Estimated refueling area: KIKG
Planned Departure Time: In air already
Estimated Refueling Time 0600Z
Estimated Fuel Needed: 20%

Anyone need fuel I’m going to be taking off from Rotterdam.

Call sign T-235

I will be at FL300


Server: training

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Display Name: (For tracking purposes) IFC- HawaiiPilot10
Callsign: (For tracking purposes) HVA10
Aircraft being used: B767
Destination: PHNL
Estimated refueling area: North of KCLE ,
Planned Departure Time: 0400Z
Estimated Refueling Time : 2 hours
Estimated Fuel Needed: 68447 lbs

I sort of need it now. If anyone is available.

On TS-1:
Display name: IFC Grady Herbert (Callsign: N20GH)
Traveling to the BCN (El Prat Int’l VOR from MRM [Marseille VOR] at 35,000 ft M.86

Minimum fuel remaining, KC-10 needed

I could use a tanker @ VOR CYS or any point east of that that on a straight line to VOR IIU. Within the next hour.

Rhody 01 in a F-22. Message me if you can. Thanks!