Refueling Requests Thread

Yep I’m all set for now, thanks though! If I make it to Africa I’ll be taking on more fuel there tomorrow.

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Same request as yesterday. I’m over Africa now, I’ll be flying over HUEN in about 30 minutes, still on the equator heading east. Thanks in advance!

I can do that! I’ll PM you😉

MORE THAN ONE!!!I’m planning a trip for about 50 to 60 hours.My callsign is SANDWICH.My username is Aviation Man. I will take off from dfw and head towards london. I plan to depart in about and hour so 10:45 in chicago.I will be flying at 250 knots at 22,000 feet. If you would like to help beat the record please @ me in this chat I will ket you know when you’re needed.

Display Name: Captain Nick
Callsign Air Force 55
Aircraft being used: KC10F
Destination: KSFO
Currently North of KEDW climbing to 30,000, available to any pilots who want to practice refueling and can readjust fpl accordingly dependent on who all wants to refuel

Would anybody like to do some aerial refueling with me?


Sure! Where are you flying out of?

I’ll fly out of KEDW

In like 5 minutes and go up to 30,000 heading NW. just copy my flight plan
User: Captain Nick
Call sign: Air Force 55

Sorry, My bad

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I tired giving it a try but over shot you

Would anybody like to do some aerial refueling with me?


Display name-Owen Leonard
Call sign-SPANKY
Flying in pattern around ksfo. Spawn at KSQL. need fuel I’m climbing to 26000ft. I have 30 mins of fuel before I have to land.

Navy 039
Tokyo Haneda
East of new Chitose air base
Already departed
19:00Z to 19:30Z
almost 16000 ib.
training server

My callsign is SPEEDCAT
I am an F-22 cruising off the coast of Southern California and in need of refueling ASAP.
Spawn in at KNSI and climb to whatever altitude suits you best.
This is on training server by the way

Anyone in need of midair refueling over the next 3-4 hours let me know when and where and I’ll shoot to link up.

Ghost Rider
Air Force 117
Training Server

Display Name: IFC - David Beckett
Callsign: COBRA31
Aircraft being used: Lockheed Martin F-22
Destination: Geneva (LSGG)
Estimated refueling area: Vicinity of Dijon (LFSD)
Planned Departure Time: 1845
Estimated Refueling Time 1945
Estimated Fuel Needed: 12,000 Kg

Fuel needed because of long queues at Geneva.

I can be around Geneva in a KC-10 at 19:45 Zulu. Call sign C-PIAZZA

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I sent you a PM.

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I gotta hit the road. Ill check later to see if im still needed.