Refueling Requests Thread

Are you on Expert server?

Training, VC25

I’ll be in the air momentarily!

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Thanks a lot!😁

Is your closest airport still BIKF? I spawned there and didn’t see you

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Well I’m in the Atlantic,

Oh okay! I’m on my way

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If you need further refueling, I’m currently on standby for you or your tanker

@MrMrMan refuelled me, I’m good, thanks

But if you want to do a little escort to EVRA, then I’m at the VALDI waypoint😉


Ok, if you need a return flight top up, just let me know 👍

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Most of your nearly twenty extraneous communication interchanges at the end of this thread should have been through pm

We used a PM between me and MrMrMan, but Morgan99 wasn’t available, so I decided not to invite him, but then he requested, and now we’re in another PM where he’s escorting me😉

(We had 74 posts in the PM)

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I’m flying on training server from KSAN towards Edwards if anyone needs fuel. Black rose is callsign.

Im at KLAX towards Edwards at FL200, nedd refueling

Which server? What’s your callsign? I can be up in about 20min most likely

I need a tanker headed westward toward Hawaii on TS1. I’m an F-16 with the callsign NLA101. If you could takeoff within 40 ish minutes

I can head over now…?

Sure, I’m 1hr and 30min out though

But I only have 1hr 28min of fuel

Headed your way. Air Force 104