Refueling Requests Thread

I see, I did not know

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We need to try again I didn’t put enough fuel I’m sorry

No problem, you pick the airport

Let’s do DFW because it has a lot of runways and I live near it

Alright I’ll spawn in now. Take enough fuel but leave some space so you can refuel

Il be at gate Cargo Fedex 2

Never mind I’ll be next to you

Copy my flight plan

Go to 5000ft

OK mabey not

@George_Alazar and @FlightFinite …the last thirty odd msgs between you both should have been by PM…not on this thread…please comply with that directive in the future !

Ok sorry will do next time

Greetings Tanker Drivers,

Anyone able to help me out in about 2 hours near El Paso?

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Anyone need refueling?

If possible can I get a tanker to depart KRDD? Let me know if you can and I’ll let you know when. There’s gonna be 2 thirsty F-14s

UPDATE: not needed anymore


I am planning to do my first air to air refueling in 3 hours from
Now the aircraft I will be flying the Kc10 and will near VOMM

Hello @Captainjayden. Please use this format.

Okay will do

Display Name: Alaska096
Callsign: Alaska 096
Aircraft being used: Lockheed Martin F-22
Destination: KJFK
Estimated refueling area: CYYM
Planned Departure Time: 2300 Zulu
Estimated Refueling Time 0100 Zulu
Estimated Fuel Needed: 100%

Thank you! I hope this is good enough.

Edit: not needed anymore. Thanks!

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