Refueling Requests Thread

While similar to this thread Refuelers || Tracking Thread this thread will be for handling refueling requests

This thread will not be to notify other’s that your are loitering in an area able to provide refueling, but rather a refueling request thread. Here you can request an aerial refueling for your trip. This will allow you to plan out your trip with assurance that someone will be providing you refueling.

The request format is as follows

Display Name: (For tracking purposes)
Callsign: (For tracking purposes)
Aircraft being used:
Estimated refueling area: (Where you foresee needing aerial refueling)
Planned Departure Time: (Zulu time)
Estimated Refueling Time (Zulu time)
Estimated Fuel Needed: (in lbs, kgs, or fuel capacity percentage)

Enjoy the update!


Also, join @Chris_S Virtual Organization if you would like to help refuel pilots regularly :)


Not a request, but a heads up, I’m flying Bangor international (KGBR) to Raf Mildenhall (EGUN) so if anyone wants a tanker across the Atlantic I’ll be more than happy to do it.

My aircraft:KC10
My callsign : AirForce925
My display name: Morgan99
Today at 1600Z.

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This one belongs in the aforementioned category linked in the main thread.


Refueler ready for takeoff. Will fly out of anywhere to anywere

My aircraft:KC10
My callsign : AirForce 1549
My display name: Jack Reacher
Today at 4:30 PST


I need a top-off at KADW in about 20 minutes if anybody can leave now.
Casual server please :)

Are you still in that area? I can do it.

Somebody from my VA is on it, sorry :/

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Request tanker depart KDFW and hold near the FUZ VOR at 28k feet and 350 knots. Need service in approx 30 minutes from post

Use callsign soda01

F16 callsign N1OP

What server? I can be there.

Expert thank you Hdhcjfb

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Having to slow due to some turbulence, ETA TO FUZ is now 29 minutes

Where are you coming from?
Anyway I’m airborne and about to hit FUZ.

I’m coming from the west/north west. Left vegas.

Currently 22 minutes out, gonna speed up again

Not in my view yet, anyway hovering around the VOR still ascending. I’ll drop my boom in about 10 minutes.

Sounds good, see you in a bit

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And that’s 350kts ground speed btw…

Oh ok :) The turning radius of this aircraft isn’t on a dime. Hope ya don’t need me right on top of the VOR.

No I don’t, just in the area, once we see each other start heading towards Tampa. If 350 is to fast feel free to slow

Ok, I see you now :) I’ll make a few more circles and turn to Tampa