Refueling question...

Will it be possible for two aircraft to be fuelled at once? (Just a theoretical question) As the boom works because the aircraft is in a certian range, would two be able to do it at the same time?

I do not think they can be refueled at once, at least not on the same aircraft.

On Infinite Flight, no. In real life yes. The IAF Ilyushin Il-78MKI is capable of refueling 2 aircrafts at once but that’s because it has 2 boom extenders

Yes, two aircraft can be refueled simultaneously. 😜

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Sooo, can a KC10 refuel a KC10 refueling a KC10?

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Yes it can! Pretty neat stuff!


New infinite flight record, coming soon!

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But can a KC-10 refuel a KC-10 that is refueling the original KC-10 πŸ€”