Refueling Pods/Drouges and Hoses for C-130s

Hello gents, with the recent edition of the KC10, I am hoping to intoduce you to the KC130s! With multiple variants from the R, H, T, and J models I think it would be an excellent edition to infinite flight! We have he ability to refuel both fighter and choppers, it’s really an amazing sight to see. Plus adding the AR pods onto the C130 will just make it look even hotter!! I’ll post some more of my own pictures down below. Thanks for any votes given!
Credit- unknown

Great Idea!! I would 100% vote for this. We need more aircraft capable of aerial refueling.


I think you might have your topic a little confused. It wouldn’t be as simple as just adding the gear to the planes we already have. The KC-130 is seperate. Would love to fly this with the US Navy and Marine variants however and always would love another tanker !


I agree you only need to add the “gear” (Arial Refueling Pods). I’m notntrying to get a whole new plane. Just some pods with drogues. When you add the pod it basically becomes a KC130. Of course there are major differences but all we need are some drogues for the game! Lol. But cast some votes gents!

Thank you for noticing. The c-130j in there is a FT MC-130J ang all of them have external refueling pods.

As it is now, none of the C130s have pods, just external tanks. There is a difference between pods and tanks. The pods go towards the outside of the wing, beyond the number 4 and 1 engines. If you look at the picture posted above you will see what they are and look like.

Yes sorry sometimes I get them mixed up but I think you know what I am saying.

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Wait aren’t KC130 based off the 707?

Oh wait, I am an idiot, that is the KC-135, I should know that they are everywhere around Pittsburgh…

KC130 is a c130 with pods on the ends of the wings and the ability to put a 24,000 pound tank in the fuselage as well.

I do personaly prefare that version of Air to Air refueling!

Predate? Did you mean prefer?

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Ya, I realized that, sorry about that :)