Refueling issue

I was refueling @Glevolution my KC-10 was in the right zone and it didn’t refuel. I’ve done this before with @Pajd02 and it worked

Device: iPhone 6s
iOS: 13.4 I think

@Glevolution info:
Display name: Glevolution
Callsign: Air Force 1

My info:
Display name: IFAET NESTLE BAD
Callsign: NP69D7


How much fuel did @Glevolution have when you were trying to refuel him?

I do not know that, but he said he wanted fuel

Does existing fuel play a factor

He was already flying from the Italy area and I was trying it over the entire UK

A regular or mod can correct me on this if I’m wrong but I believe if he is perfectly fine on fuel then it won’t refuel unless his fuel level is down to a certain level.

I depart Nothern France and started trying over EGLL, gave up near Manchester

Ok I’ll wait for a mod or regular

Regulars don’t per say know more then TL1 or 2 :)

What livery were you flying and what aircraft was he flying? Not all aircraft can be refueled, and if they can they can only be refueled by Kc10’s with such a boom

That is not correct, source a GAF pilot who refuelled a lot

You can refuel even at 99%, otherwise everytime you disconnect means that you go on with less fuel that needed

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I was in a KC-10 and he was in a VC-25 Air Force one

Hmm,I don’t know then. Maybe just try again sometime.

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