Refueling Communication

With the release of the DC-10/MD-11 series aircraft in Infinite Flight back in 2016, we had the option for in-air refueling. It is very hard to use this function in IF due to the fact of not having the speed, altitude, V/S, and other important information from the tanker. For this feature request, I’m requesting that we have a chat box in the corner of the screen to be able to request information directly from the tanker, much like ATC’s chat box.

Could be a great idea! This could also be used for ATC.

How do you want to prevent spamming or rude messages…? We got some trollers on the servers. There isn’t anyone who checks the messages and everyone can get access to this. Or is there a way to avoid this?


When there is a rude message, it gets blocked ?

@Edivan_dcds I’m talking about the messaging system used by ATC could be used by tankers to, just different messages.

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It’s a great idea though I don’t see this being added, VO’s like GAF that use Aerial Refueling day to day use their slack chats, and other than that there’s not many people that use aerial refueling, but nice request nonetheless 👍


I know this for a fact, because I’m a part of GAF, but it would be nice for peopl who aren’t in a VA, an who would just like to do some air refueling.

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What if, and I know this is a crazy idea, but what if we have a moderator or IFATC monitor it and ghost trolls

Bumping it

It could be a nice idea

Earlier today, me and a friend were practicing aerial refueling on trainning, and if this was a part of the game, it would have made it a lot easier.