Refueling at La Palma Airport

The airport is served mainly by Binter Canaria and CanaryFly with island-hopping flights from Tenerife and Gran Canaria, but there are flights to the main Europe cities and charter flights from mainland Europe such as Germany, United Kingdom, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. In 2018, the airport had 1,420,277 passengers in the 22,033 operations handled. Cargo traffic totalled 565 tonnes

I’m a bit confused on what this post is. Anyways, put this in #real-world-aviation please, since it seems you’re talking about the real life airport, and not an airport existing in Discourse, or the airport in Infinite Flight


Could you provide more information on what this topic is about? Also this topic should be in the ‘Real World Aviation’ category.


This should be just #real-world-aviation not #real-world-aviation:spotting.
Also if you did not take that picture, then credit it with a working link.

Let’s not go full force into him. You are right, unless @IF_MAURITANIA did take this photo, it is not a spotting topic and belongs in regular RWA, with credit. However it doesn’t hurt to actually take time and help them make a working topic instead of pointing out flaws, which isn’t the first time i’ve seen happen from you.

@IF_MAURITANIA, what is this topic about? Is this a real flight which you took a picture from before landing in La Palma to refuel, or are you sharing more about the airport with us? If you’re sharing a photo you took, great photo! If you’re telling us about the airport, try and give a little more context so we can understand better. And share where you got that photo from please, it’s amazing! I’d love to support the photographer.

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I’m talking if someone is making a flight from the continent of Latin America to the European continent, they will pass over the Canary Islands, which are Spanish islands, and they can refuel in one of the Canary Islands and follow a flight to the airport of arrival. If you are in the world of aviation, that is, if you study aviation or its surroundings, you will have a special resource in which you will find a lot.

I was just trying to help and point out some things they needed to fix. If you want to discuss this further, you can PM me.

I can’t post in the RWA category

Ooh, I always love some more flight advice. Yeah, toss the topic in #live and maybe talk a bit more about how you could use the airport (flight plans, gates, etc.)

That’s odd. Haven’t seen that before. Toss it in live, add some more photos to help out (Maps, Charts, etc) and how it could be useful for some IF pilots.

Bare minimum does not equal helping. Helping is trying to setup a good topic with them rather than just pointing out flaws. Anyways, it’s fine. DM me if you wanna keep the discussion going.

I’m not an expert on the Infinite Flight team to help you on how to use the app but I can help you on the ground.

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