Refuelers || Tracking Thread


Date On Station : (02/16/19)
Time on Station : (162200Z to 162300Z)
Server Training : Training
AAR Area : Southwest USA (coastal area between KLAX and KSFO)
AAR Anchor Waypoint : VOR MCY
Base Airport : LAX
Altitude : FL250 - FL280
Speed : 210 at or below FL250, M0.82 above FL280
Course : Copy my FPL
Tanker Call sign : Air Force 11


Date On Station : (02/16/2019)
Time on Station : (203000 to 210000Z)
Server Training : Casual
AAR Area : Lithuania, somewhere near EYSA
AAR Anchor Waypoin : VOR SAU
Base Airport : ETAR
Altitude : FL300
Speed : M 0.85
Course : (copy flight plan)
Tanker Call sign : US Air Force 31
NOTAM : If I have enough fuel I’ll be over Lithuania. I am flying from ETAR to EYSA PM me your callsign that I could know what plane to expect


How does refueling work and what planes can be refueled


All the information you need can be found in the topic below 👇


Anybody wants to do some air refuel?
I am cruising at 30,000 feet and my speed is M 0.85, I am going from ETAR to EYSA, server is Casual, my callsign is Air Force 31, I think that’s all.



Hey! I’m currently flying backwards and forwards between Andrews AFB(KADW) and McGuire AFB(KWRI). I’m at FL260, cruise speed of 260 Knots. My callsign is MAVERICK.


Backwards in a KC-10? I gotta see that maneuver… 😅 Haha. Just messin’


Aha, would love to see someone do that!


Date On Station: 21032019

Expected Time on Station: from 1915Z for 1 hour

Server: Training

AAR Anchor Waypoint: EGVA - EGUL

AAR Area: UK

Tanker Callsign: REFUEL

Flight Level: FL220

IAS: 280

Base Airport: EGVA
Take off time: 1900Z



Thanks for dropping by!


@Samalar where are you now


I’m afraid I’ve landed - I’ve actually been flying around looking for you :D


Are you still in the air?


No I stopped in KADW which is where I am right now I will be back up in the air soon


IN AIR @racerclc


Is any body gonna come if not i will stop in one hour


I’ll be coming in a minute. Which airport are you nearest to?


Nearest to KBWI


Server: Casual

AAR Anchor Waypoint: MILTN-LINBO-21S46-FORMA and repeat

AAR Area: Townsville (Queensland, Australia)

Tanker Callsign: Experimental 871 Heavy

Flight Level: FL250

IAS: 290kts

Base Airport: YBTL
Take off time: 0650Z

NOTAM: My first time as a tanker! Best to refuel between LINBO and 21S46 or MILTN and FORMA. Thanks to anyone who comes down!

Cancelled due to lack of interest