Refuelers || Tracking Thread


Anyone flying around right now?


Who wants to setup a refueling mission!!?? DM me!! I’ve been wanting to for a long time


Date On Station: 01NOV18

Expected Time on Station: from 1630z for 3hrs

Server: Expert

AAR Anchor Waypoint: TAHDU

AAR Area: San Fransisco

Tanker Callsign: SHINEY05

Flight Level: FL260


Base Airport: KSUU (Travis AFB)
Take off time: 1610z

NOTAM: I cant respond here when flying so be courteous of others


Bring your thirsty fast movers for a drink!

Date on station: 01NOV18

Time on station: 1530Z-1630Z or fuel exhausted

Server: Training

AAR Area:

AAR Anchor waypoint: KONT

Base airport: KONT

Tanker callsign: OTIS22

NOTAM: Tanker track is off KONT 090R 40nm legs, left turns. Operating at FL200 300KIAS


OTIS22 on station outside KSUU. KSUU 090R 40nm legs left turns. FL200 300KIAS


Which server?

Edit: nevermind, I see this is a continuation of the last post.


Tanker up flying to KSFO-KLAX-KSFO

callsign-Alaksa 170

Speed 0.80

Altitude Fl 30

Should be up for 1:30


Come join me!!!


Currently flying from KJKA in casual. Just took off heading to 30000 ft. Callsign - Viceroy-12, Air Force 1190 heavy as a KC-10. Flying at a heading of 91 degrees.
EDIT: Flying at 300 degrees at a speed of 0.80, now at 30000. In Pensacola flying near KJKA


Tanker up flying to KSFO-KLAX-KSFO

callsign-Alaksa 170

Speed 0.80

Altitude Fl 30

Should be up for 1:30


Come join me!!!




Call Sign: AirForce 117 heavy

Expert Server

Speed: Mach 0.89
Alt: FL380


(EDIT @ 1110 UTC)


I can be to SBPV at 0330UTC time to refuel @Sean_Hartland



LGSA-LTAG-LGSA (out and backs)

Boom Down ETA: 0500Z
Boom Up ETA: 0800Z
(Depending on demand)

Call sign: Air Force 104

Expert Server

Speed: M 0.90
Alt: FL300

Friday Night Flight - Mediterranean Patrolling - 230600ZNOV18

Date On Station: 24NOV2018

Expected Time on station: 30 mins

Server: Training

AAR Anchor Waypoint: Tevte


Tanker Callsign: AIR FORCE 59

Flight Level: 080

IAS 240

Base Airport: KLAX
Take off time: 0520Z


Anyone want a KC-10 refueled for their A-10?


I’d like a KC-10 refueling, about to take off of KIGQ. Will fly at a cruising altitude of 10,000 feet, at around 400 knots.


what server, what kind of speed (airspeed 400 is not possible without violation) and when?


Date on Station: 16 DEC 2018

Callsign: ATLAS251

Server: Expert

Anchor: KSSC

Altitude: 22,000 MSL- FL300

Speed 260 KIAS

Notes: GAF tanker. Currently on station. Orbiting between KBQK and KADW.


Casual server, callsign, REFU3LME tryna do 2 days


I would like to help you, but only if you can wait 2 hours because I was making a flight and I’m only going to arrive at my destination in 2h30 minutes


Date On Station : (01/04/2019)
Time on Station : (040800Z to 041030Z)
Server Training : Casual
AAR Area : Southwest USA (between LAX and LAS)
AAR Anchor Waypoin : VOR MCY
Base Airport : LAX
Altitude : FL250
Speed : 300
Course : (copy flight plan)
Tanker Call sign : US Air Force 2106
NOTAM : don’t crash into me