Refuelers || Tracking Thread


Nick I was about to sign on to if but then I had to go eat dinner


No problem! Next time better!


Ready for some refueling?

Date On Station : 21aug018

Expected Time on Station : 1 hour

Server: : Training

Anchorpoints : RODIR -ABLUN-5505E-EBAGO-RODIR

AAR Area: : EHKD

Tanker Callsign: : TEXACO01

Flight Level: :FL300

KIAS : 250 / M 0.72

Base Airport: : EHKD

Take off time : 1725Z

ETA On Station : 1745Z

1st fighter to boom at approach.
2nd fighter :left side tanker
3th fighter: left side tanker
After refuel take place right side of the tanker.

On station:

On Station : 1735Z

Dont forget to take some pics!!!


@morgan99 see you coming in, try to hook up at SORDA-LARDI


Did it work for you? @morgan99


Nice!! My first aar:-)


Yeah up to 100% Thanks


My first top up too.


Where are you i dont see u

Owen Leonard


I don’t think you are supposed to post pics on this thread !!!


I’m going to be a TRavis AFB(KSUU) in about 10 min if any one wants to do a air air refueling above the Pacific Ocean:)


Forgot to clarify I will be in the training server


Glad to see some more action at KSUU, I just departed there.

Use this format moving forward to help with organization for refueling. Thanks!


Ready for some refueling?

Date On Station : 14Sept18

Expected Time on Station : 1,5hour

Server: : expert

waypoints : 5302E - GIVPO -5501E - FAMBO -5302E

AAR Area: : UK

Tanker Callsign: : SHINEY10

Flight Level: : BLOCK FL220-FL250

KIAS : 270 /

Base Airport: : EGUN

Take off time : 1830Z

ETA On Station : 1845Z

At approach, form up Left Echelon. When cleared for refuel move to boom. After refuel move Right Echelon!!


I’m requesting a tanker to bring me and my F16 out of klax to PHNL I would appreciate it if someone could join in now and fly that route with me I’ll be in the fed ex cargo area


The time is now I’m going to be flying oh yeah on training server


I’ll join you. Getting ready now for immediate departure.


Anyone available?


I’m on my way :)


Tanker up flying to KSFO-KLAX-KSFO


Speed 0.80

Altitude Fl 30

Should be up for 1:30


Come join me!!!