Refuelers || Tracking Thread


Hi everyone. I saw a lot of posts talking about people’s that had no enough fuel to finish the flight. So, I am really bored (banned from expert for 7 days) and I want to do something. From now until Saturday I will provide air fuel service. I mean if you need fuel tell me where you are and callsign and I will depart from closest airport and refuel you in the air. Just now that I will not be available everytime. Contact me and I will tell you if I am available or not, and if I am I will come to refuel you.


I am flying around Lax now


I see that you recently joined either the sim or the IFC… in either case if you backtrack just a few replies in this thread you will see the proper format for posting your in service refueling status …please reserve anything else for internal PM’s !!!


Yes, but I was offering service that I will Come to the refuel target they will tell me where they are and I will come to them. However I’m done with it Tommorow I am back to expert and I will make flights.


Just gradually build up a following by your dependability and specificity and they will come !


DTG On Station: 041200AUG18
**Expected Time on Station:**Aprox 2hrs
Server: Expert
AAR Anchor Waypoint: EGHE - EGEC - EGHE
AAR Area: UK WEST COAST (Irish Sea)
Tanker Callsign: CVX 42
Flight Level: FL250
Base Airport: EGHQ

Will be patrolling between EGHE and EGEC and available to refuel suitable aircraft. Please check below links as a reminder on procedures.

Happy landings!


Any refuelers in the vicinity of KDEN on training server


I can hop on, do you need a refuel?


I really do . I would really appreciate it


Next time, please post here:



Spawning now. Be there soon


I’m Sorry @Thomas_G .


No problem, just for the next time…!! Enjoy your refueling :)


Anyone want to do mid air refueling on a casual server I can be the tanker


Date-August 10 2018
Speed-240 knots
Flying from klax- Phko
Already started so come and catch me!!!


Tanker up 20000 thousand feet 240 speed flying klax-phko direct in training server callsign is tanker come join me!!!


Any planes need fuel send me your callsign location and server and I’ll be right there


There is a refueling aircraft with the tag “Refuel” currently around KEDW on the casual server … if it is in service it should report in to this thread !!!


There isn’t a rule that you have to report here, whenever you are in the refueler position.


Guys! And girls:-)

Ready for some refueling?

Date On Station: 17aug018

Expected Time on Station: 1 hour

Server: : Training

AAR Anchor Waypoint: : STLTH->36N16->DBIGE->KL33I->STLTH


Tanker Callsign:: TEXACO01

Flight Level: :FL300

KIAS: 250 / M 0.72

Base Airport::KLAX

Take off time: 1930Z

1st fighter to boom at approach.
2nd fighter :left side tanker
3th fighter: left side tanker
After refuel take place right side of the tanker.

Dont forget to take some pics!!!

EDIT TEXACO01 is airborn.


RTB KLAX 2050z

No luck today. Maybe tommorow!