Refuelers || Tracking Thread


Its fine i should have put some flight details in


I will be at heading 227


Roger that …


Let me know if you need more, I’ll be available for the next hour or so. EXXON out


Roger that i should be good for now thank you so much


You all need to discuss all the logistics of your future rendezvous in a pm… not use this thread for a continuous chat !!!


Date On Station: 29JUN2018
Expected Time on Station: from 01:50:00 (UTC) : to 3:50:00 (UTC)
Server: Training
AAR Anchor Waypoint: No specific waypoint. I will be fling along the California coastline. PM to rendevous.
AAR Area: Southwest, Western, Northwest U.S. / Eastern Russia
Tanker Call sign: REFUELER / ART - 5 Heavy
Flight Level: Currently 26,000 but will adjust to the corresponding altitude below for your aircraft type.
Aircraft Altitude Speed (KIAS)
F22 28,000-30,000 M.82
C/AC 130 8,000 210 kts
F14 28,000-30,000 M.82
F16 28,000-30,000 M.82
VC25 (Air Force One) 25,000 275 kts
KC10 25,000 290 kts
Base Airport: KLAX (US)
Take off time: 23:40:00 (UTC)
NOTAM: Copy flight plane and wait for line extension to approach. For further questions please PM me.


any one want refulling?


pm me if you want refilling ill be on stand by


Hello I am going to be flying from Phoenix to hondolulu so if anyone needs to be refueled during flight I will be flying over Los angles


By the way I’m heading there now


Hey, please use the correct format. Thanks


anyone need refilling


End: Later today
Airport: Near KSLC
Altitude: FL25
Server: Training

Extra notes… Providing refueling services in the Salt Lake City Area - PM me to coordinate

Callsign- REFUEL and ATC info is Air Force 7 heavy.


When: Now
End: Whenever fuel is gone
Airport: KLAX
FL 300
Speed Mach.77
Server: Training
Callsign: REFUEL


Canceled refueling (forgot batery reload😓)


Time - 5 mins will be on
Duration- 1 hour
Airport- EGLL
FL- 260
Speed- 300knts
Server- Training
Callsign- RAFAIR 9 6 0


Date On Station: 07292018

Expected Time on Station: 1 hour 2130-2230z

Server: TS

AAR Anchor Waypoint: ORL OMN ORL OMN

AAR Area: Orlando

Tanker Callsign: Air Force 2237

Flight Level: 15000 ft

IAS: 275

Base Airport: KMCO
Take off time: 2135Z


Come get some JET-A!


Hi, if you need me I can refuel too