Refuelers || Tracking Thread


290knts now …


Hold this heading. …


247 degrees …


Start now …


Are you refuelling yet


Please continue conversations in PM. Thanks!


@HawaiiPilot10 @Andrew_Byrne @captain_zen

Please note that this thread is only for announcing that a Tanker is available. All coms between Pilots (both Tanker and recievers) should be done via PMs to keep this channel clear.

Please use the following format for announcing Tanker Missions:

Date On Station: (dd/mm/yy)
Time on Station: (use either Zulu time or amount of time you plan to fly for from the time you post)
Server Training : Casual / Training / Server
AAR Area: (geographical Area, ie USA Florida or UK North Sea)
AAR Anchor Waypoint: (Waypoint that you are using as the start of your Air Air refueling, or if you are flying a route mention the waypoint fixes)
Base Airport: (Airport you will take off and land from. Not always the same as your Anchor Waypoint)
Altitude: (Flight Level you will fly at)
Speed: (in KIAS)
Course: (from Anchor point, unless flying route, see above)
Tanker Call sign: (The call sign that you will use so that others can find you)
NOTAM: (Any other information not mentioned above!)

Thank you and Happy Landings!



hey guys

im planning to start the following flight with a tanker
dep: zürich LSZH
dest: new york KJFK
call sign: Air Force 33 heavy
time dep: 1400 UTC
date: 25-02-2018
FL: 280
Speed: M 0.82
server: casual

feel free to join me with some fighter jets to cross the atlantic.
just copy my flight plan to follow the route and refuel when you need =)

who is in?!


In the air right now, soon above the Channel!

Dep.: EGLL
Dest.: EGLL
Call Sign: Air Force 5 Heavy
FL: 300
Speed: M 0.82
Server: Expert


Are you still in the air?


About to take off right now



Speed wil varie
Server is expert


Yes, between GIROS and LOGAN. Will do another round from SUNUP to OISRA afterwards. So, enough time for you to join!


Whats yur nearest airport?




Im flying to logan? Are u there?


On the way, 110 nm to go


I can see you Im coming to you!


Follow me, I am turning to SUNUP now and fly to DISRA. Should be then enough distance for you to refuel.


What speed are we flying?


M 0,82 at FL 300. Okay?