Refuelers || Tracking Thread


Because this is my first time I’ll try it on casual server as I’m not going to get any violations because I’m nearing my grade 3


I can do some refuelling too will you be tanker or fighter jet?


I don’t mind I’ll be the tanker


On casual. Dont want to ruin my score at the moment


😂 I don’t want to either I only got grade five resently. Anyway I’m finishing my dinner and I’ll be there in 5 Minutes. Or whenever you’re flying…


Where do you want to spawn we can leave together refuel at FL150 speed IAS 280kn


this is my local international airport say 5 mins from now
I’ll spawn now and wait.
Callsign andy007


I’ll send you a flight plan


Ok I’m nearly finished. I’ll spawn there next to you. I’m Swiss 1. What plane should I take?


It’s fine I just follow…


Try the F-14…


Oh that’s the one I’d like to avoid though as it’s system needs the basket thingy in real life it’s not very realistic. Could I not take another on? You choose


Yeah whatever one you like I don’t mind


Ok I’m coming right now. I’ll take the f16


How do you lower the boom. It’s not under actions


It will be once you take off. Should we go now? I’ll follow


Ok 1 min…


BAL06 DONEB then just keep that heading


I’ll break away and rock my wings when I have to go. (To let you know)


Ok… meet you at FL150