Refuelers || Tracking Thread

1:30 hours. It’s totally okay if you can’t join

Ok then. Sorry I can’t Join today

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Last chance to join!

@Lufthansa1 apologized I didn’t end up joining to be refueled yesterday, after I landed I ended up being pretty busy. I need to go to school now though, so I may fly tonight (est)

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Okay tell me what time I will look if it could work

Im joining rn

I need atleast 2 planes to refuel. Everyone needs to tell me what time is the best

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The best only is 5 pm Dubai time, so 9 am USA

New Plan for Sunday

Date On Station: 19.05.2024

Expected Time on Station: 1:30 hours

Server: Expert

Area: San Francisco Bay

Waypoints: copy my flight plan

Tanker Callsign: Orca 754

Flight Level: FL200

IAS: M.80

Base Airport: Travis AFB/KSUU

**Take off time: 13:30 to 15:30 Zulu


I’ll try and make it up

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Shoot had it been on Expert I’d def get some fuel from you.

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Changed it to expert


Thanks for that! Took a while to get into!


No problem!