Refuelers || Tracking Thread

Awesome formation flight guys! šŸ‘Š

Looking for someone to fly with, anyone able to? (Can discuss the fp)

I can buddy :) PM me we will discuss FPL

i was in that region an hour ago

anyone want to refuel?

Ok so this should be pointed out to everyone!

In order to keep this thread tidy, I believe that only AAR announcements should be announced here and all other pilot-pilot discussion is to be done so through Private Message/ Direct Message!

This is to keep the thread clean and so that all AAR annocuments are seen clearly without being hidden by casual chatter between one another.

Cheers and Merry Christmas! Pancake šŸ™‚


Socal air refuel
callsign air force 8993 Heavy
Region socal
hdg 328

NOTAM: If you are going to be flying a tanker, you must create your post in the format that it is ON THE FIRST POST! All other posts will be questioned and will be required to be elaborated on. Thanks!

Date: 11DEC17
Time: 1615z
Server: Expert Global V2
Area: Northeast Europe
Base Airport: EETN
Callsign: SUNDOWN
Edit: on the way back to Base now

Date On Station: 111217

Time on Station: 1740Z

Server: Expert

Base Airport: EDDF

Tanker Callsign: Air force 968

Please follow the format in the first post!

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KWRI/KJFK (AR81 approx track of SW leg)
1 Hour, more if heavy participation
Expert v2
220-310 KIAS (fighters: 300 / HERCs: 220 / heavy: 260)
Altitude: FL270

More tankers welcome, just copy FLP,

Please wait until entering track and level off before trying to receive


Your cargo doors are open

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I am coming to refuel in a F-22

Date On Station: 11122017
Time on Station: 1830Z
Server: Training
AAR Area: Las Vegas
Base Airport: KLSV
Tanker Callsign: Air Force 454
KIAS: 300
Altitude: FL200
Server: TsV2

I slow to around 220 to make turns at the end of tracks and retract boom

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I had to lengthen track, fighters flying faster to accommodate hd old one too short

Iā€™m on right now.
Server: Training
Area: EHAM and surrounding area
Callsign: N106UO
KIAS: ~300
Altitude: FL200

11/2100ZDEC17 (now)
1 Hour, more if heavy participation
Training v2
KIAS: 280
Altitude: FL270

Circling KLAX casual for probably about 30 mins, 300kts, 22000ft, come and refuel, got plenty of juice onboard