Refuelers || Tracking Thread

Im gonna be taking off from EGLL following a random flight plan I need a tanker.

We wont be on one FPL forever we will switch once in a while.

Oh BTW Callsign Canforce 5122

Time Starting: Flying right now!

Region / Closest Major Airport: KLAX

Estimated Time In-Air: Few hours

Server: Expert

KIAS: Autopilot is set to 307

Altitude: FL270

Callsign: TANKER

I will be flying around SoCal for the next few hours

Hope to see you all there!

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Im in JFK airspace at 15,000 in a c 17, anyone here to fill me up?

Post that here:


Also I’m not 100% sure the C17 can refuel.

Whoops, thanks- i guess i’ll see soon

Why is no one coming :(

what is your call sign

Canforce 5122 I’m at KJFK at FL 230 expert

I’ll look for you there

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@OHNO I can see you approaching me I think

Are you Blue one? If so I see ya

No, I’m Airforce 784 Heavy

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Make a 360 because Im a ways away

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Point your nose at me then set heading

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I’m to your left side- not the fighter

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I know I can see you. I’m going 240 IAS btw

Yeah I did. That was really hard!

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Did you refuel at all? You disappeared when you got to me lol