Refuelers || Tracking Thread

Are you serious? Wow

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So that don’t work?

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I believe you can refuel that! According to this it looks like you should be able to. Infinite Flight Fuel Burns (Estimates): XCub & TBM Added!

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You can refuel a tanker.


Okay. Well need to refuel please. I’m now South west of NFKD

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This thread is for telling people you will be flying and you are available for refueling, the thread I linked below is for asking to be refueled.


Oh. Thank you. I can’t keep up with all these thread


What server?

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Calsign: FUELF22

Date On Station: 24/10/2019

Expected Time on Station: from HHMMZ : o Length of time ie 1hr


**AAR Anchor Waypoint: D074L

**AAR Area: EGLL airport

**Flight Level: 8000

**Base Airport: EGLL

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Not sure if anyone wants to be refueled, but I’ll be going out into the Atlantic for a short mission on a KC-10 for refueling practice.

Departure Airport: KPSM - Portsmouth International Airport

Callsign: Air Force 110

Location: Off the coast of New Hampshire

Flight level: FL320 (32,000)

Server: Expert Server

Duration: approximately 1 hour (unless there are no shows)

There will be no set flight plan

Date On Station: 16/11/2019

Expected Time on Station: from now to 11PM (Los Angeles Time)
Server: Training

AAR Anchor Waypoint: loop KSFO and KLAX

AAR Area: between KSFO and KLAX

Tanker Callsign: LAW7DEAF

Flight Level: FL250-300

IAS: 210-290kts and M.82

Base Airport: KSFO
Take off time: now

NOTAM: but im playing it first time. how am im flying?

Date On Station: 16/11/2019

Expected Time on Station: from 07PM to 10PM (Philippines Time)
Server: Training (locked expert server)

AAR Anchor Waypoint: in Philippines Area

AAR Area: in Philippines Area

Tanker Callsign: LAW7DEAF

Flight Level: FL300

IAS: M.82

Base Airport: KSFO
Take off time: 07:00

NOTAM: but im playing it second time. how am im flying?

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Date: 17/11/1019
Time: 09:00Z to 11:00Z - 2hrs

Server: Expert
AAR Anchor Point: EHAM
AAR Area: Around EHAM
Tanker Callsign: Air Force 747 Heavy
Flight Level: FL25
IAS: 275kts
Base Airport: EHAM

NOTAM: Also willing to do a long haul with aircraft that will need refueling along the way

Date On Station: 17/12/2019

Expected Time on Station: 1:15am ZULU 2:15am ZULU

Server: Training


AAR Area: Midwestern U.S Southern Canada

Tanker Callsign: Air Force 1549

Flight Level: 320

IAS: 340kts

Base Airport: CYYZ
Take off time: 1:15z

NOTAM: Reply if coming!

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[quote=“RealAviation1974, post:1, topic:170058”]
Date On Station: 04 01 20

Expected Time on Station: 6 hrs

Server: Expert

Area: Ocean between NZAA and YSSY
Between waypoints 36S59 & 36S65

**Tanker Callsign: N708SJ

Flight Level: FL250

IAS: 250kts

**Base Airport: NZAA right now

NOTAM: Reply if coming!


Flying in A10 heading your way…


Date On Station: 17/01/2020

Expected Time on Station: from 1800Z : to 2100Z

Server: Expert

AAR Anchor Waypoint: YYR VOR

AAR Area: CYYR w/flight plan surrounding the area.

Tanker Callsign: Air Force 099

Flight Level: 25,000

IAS: 290

Base Airport: CYYR 18:15Z Takeoff

NOTAM: Only runway 34 in use.

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Date On Station : *05022020

Time on Station : 1900Z

Server : Training

AAR Area : California coast

AAR Anchor Waypoint :222-223

Base Airport : KNKX

Tanker Callsign : REFUELER


Date On Station : now

Time on Station : 2345Z starting right now

Server : Expert

AAR Area : Around BAXUN south england

AAR Anchor Waypoint : BAXUN

Base Airport : EHEH

Tanker Callsign : FX98

Flight Level : FL250 at 250kts IAS but im able to change to whatever needed

not sure for how long ill be up there. ill post when i decide to go back. feel free to contact me if refuelling needed. im also free to change the location if someone needs refuelling anywhere else


Started to fly my circles now. might be up there for an hour or two